Exhibitor FAQ

Exhibitor FAQ

Where and when is the Bangladesh International Aquaculture & Seafood Show 2024?

The Bangladesh International Aquaculture & Seafood Show 2024 will be hosted in Dhaka, Bangladesh at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre. The event will take place 27-29 February 2024.

Who can attend?

Only qualified seafood industry professionals may attend Bangladesh International Aquaculture & Seafood Show 2024. The exposition is business-to-business trade events; the events are not open to the public.

Are persons under 18 years of age allowed to attend?

Due to liability restrictions, no one under the age of 18 years, including infants & toddlers, will be allowed on the show floor at any time.

Are there child care/services?

Childcare services are not provided and are not available at the event center. If you must travel with your children, please make appropriate arrangements elsewhere for their care during your visit to the expo.

Is soliciting allowed?

All soliciting on the expo floor by attendees is strictly prohibited.

What is the sampling policy?

Seafood samples will not be allowed to be removed from the exhibit floor. All product sampling must be done on the exhibit floor. Attendees will not be permitted to exit the exhibit hall with product samples. Samples that attendees attempt to remove from the show floor will be confiscated at the exits.

How can I increase my exposure?

You can drastically increase business and product exposure across the entire expo, before, during, and after the event, through available marketing opportunities! Marketing budgets and goals of all sizes can be accommodated. Make the most of your investment and increase your ROI through these opportunities!

How can I showcase my new and popular products?

The Product Showcase features the newest and most popular products in front of the entire industry! Products in the showcase, along with the location on the show floor, will be released closer to the event.

What is the cancellation policy?

Expo registration is non-transferable. For more information about sponsorship opportunities and Product Showcasing, please contact:

Sales Team

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