The BIASS 2024 organizers is looking for sponsorships to successfully organize the event. By sponsoring the BIASS 2024, you will have an incredible mileage to profile your agency/company marketing and business development objectives. Your company/agency can take part in the event to showcase your products and free participation in different events or the show. Your company name and logo will be published in the show’s promotional materials.

Your sponsorship will allow us to successfully organize the event. We invite you to take advantage of one or more of the sponsoship opportunities. The sponsorship package can be tailor-made to suit the intersests and budgetary requirements of the sponsors.


There will be a huge opportunity to promote the brand in national and international markets through this event. The visibility, PR value, and Word-of-Mouth generated from this exercise should make it worth the expenditure.

Digital Media, Electronic Media, and Print Media will also be there to promote the event most effectively.

Sponsorship Benefits (Pre-Event)

Platinum Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Silver Sponsor
Presence of Representative in Pre-Event Networking
Presence of Logo at Invitation Card etc.
Presence of Logo in Pre-event Website, Social Media & Event Audio Visuals

Sponsorship Benefits (On-Event)

Platinum Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Silver Sponsor
Company AV Loop on Event Screen
02 Munites
01 Munites
30 Seconds
Presence & Speech in Stage of Opening/Closing Ceremony/handover Crest
10 Munites
10 Munites
05 Munites
Individual Slot for Presentation in Exchange for Opening/Closing Ceremony
10 Munites
05 Munites
VIP Seating of Company Delegates Closer to Stage
Session Keynote Speaking or Participating in Panel Session
Session Keynote
Panel Session
The name will be Highlighted by MC During the Event
A Complimentary Booth at the Expo Hall
The appearance of the Company Logo on Stage LED & Venue Branding
Networking Opportunity with Prospective Delegates
Rack for Leaflet & Business Card Distribution
Leaflet & Business Card Distribution along with event Promotional Items
Passes to Attend the Inaugural & Closing Ceremony, Welcome & Gala Dinner
15 Persons
10 Persons
05 Persons
03 Persons
Advertisements in the Event Publications
6 Pages
4 Pages
2 Pages

Sponsorship Benefits (Post-Event)

Platinum Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Silver Sponsor
Message from Representative in Post-Event Brochure
1 Full Page
Company Advertisement in Post-Event Brochure
03 Full Page
02 Page
01 Page
Promotion of 30 Sec Video Interview of Sponsor in Post-Event Network/Website/Social Media
Presence of Logo in Post-event Audio Visuals
Presence of Logo in Post event Online Promotional Contents Circulated in Social Media and Website
Presence of Logo in Post-event Brochures
Post-event Brochures Printed Copies

Event Souvenir/Catalogue

Ad Size
(W x H inches)
Per Page Rate*
Back Cover Page
7.5 x 10
10,000 USD
Front Inside Cover Page
7.5 x 10
8,000 USD
Inside Back Cover
7.5 x 10
8,000 USD
Regular Full Page (Color)
7.5 x 10
3,000 USD
Regular Half Page (Color)
7.5 x 4.9
1,000 USD

■ Only Bangladeshi companies can pay in BDT, Overseas companies will pay in US$ only.

■ All sponsorship will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

■ The sponsor should provide the sponsorship funds, logo image, advertisements (in the format required by Organizers), and other details required (such as correct use of the sponsor’s name, logo, etc.) within 7 days from the receipt of acceptance from the Organizer

■ Sponsorship payments can be made in the following manner: By Credit card/Net Banking/DD.

■ Sponsorship is not limited to financial support per se, but can also take the form of material provision, etc.

■ Sponsors are allowed to sponsor single or multiple items/events.


■ 50% of the Sponsorship amount to be paid at the time of signing of the agreement.

■ 30% of the Sponsorship amount is to be paid seven days before the event.

■ 20% of the Sponsorship amount to be paid within fifteen days after the successful completion of the event.

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