Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

The Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock (MoFL) is the Ministry of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh whose role is to ensure the sustainable utilization of fisheries and livestock. The aims and Objectives of the Ministry are to increase fishery resources and production, increase livestock and poultry production and productivity, enhance the export of fish, fishery, and livestock products, maintain ecological balance, conserve biodiversity, and improve public health, prevent and control diseases, and generate employment towards poverty alleviation.


Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

The Ministry of Commerce (MoC) is the Ministry of Bangladesh. The ministry is responsible for the regulation and implementation of policies applicable to domestic and foreign trade. The main objective of the Ministry of Commerce is to make the economic activities of Bangladesh dynamic and export-oriented to respond to the rapidly changing competitive world trading system.


Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

The Department of Fisheries is the front-line public sector organization for fisheries development and is responsible for regulating the fisheries industry in Bangladesh under the administrative control of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, headed by a Director General.


Prime Minister’s Office, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) is the apex investment promotion agency (IPA) of Bangladesh which is responsible for helping foreign investors to set up investments in the country. BIDA promotes and facilitates private investment and advocates business-friendly policies. BIDA provides regulatory services including registration, approvals, and recommendations. BIDA is supervised by the Prime Minister’s Office.


Bangladesh Frozen Foods Exporters Association (BFFEA) is the only trade body for the members of Fish processing Plants in Bangladesh. Since its inception, the Association has been working to promote and protect the interest of Frozen Food processors, Packers, and Exporters in the Country. It also acts as a vital link between the trade bodies and the different Government and Private Agencies. The Association is also devoted to establishing and promoting, contracts with foreign buyers, business associations, and the chamber of commerce and industries to develop the export market of Frozen Foods. BFFEA has also been playing a vital role in advising the Government on relevant policy, quality control, packaging, marketing, and developing the fishery industries of the Country..


Solidaridad is an international network organization working in more than 40 countries to address farmers’ income, poverty, and workers’ well-being through empowerment and policy influence. The efforts focus on fostering sustainability and empowerment of farmers and workers to develop scalable and economically sustainable solutions in the agricultural and industrial landscape, through the adoption of climate-smart agriculture, regenerative farming for agricultural productivity and diversification, increased value addition, and supporting an enabling and conducive environment for public and private sector involvement, ensuring that farmers and workers are not left behind. The organization strives to create a world in which the economy works for all and where all that is produced and consumed is sustainable. The organization works to enable farmers and workers to earn a living income, shape their own future, and produce in balance with nature by working throughout the whole supply chain to make sustainability the norm.

Registration no: 2827, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh NGO Affairs Bureau, Prime Minister Office.

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