Bangladesh International

Aquaculture &

Seafood show

17-19 July 2024

Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC), Dhaka


About The Expo

Welcome to Bangladesh International Aquaculture & Seafood show 2024

The aquaculture and fisheries sector is currently making an important contribution to meeting the food needs of the growing population of Bangladesh, creating employment opportunities, alleviating poverty, and earning foreign exchange. The fisheries sector contributes 3.57 percent of the country’s total GDP, 26.50 percent of the agricultural GDP, and 1.24 percent of the total export earnings. Bangladeshi fish and fishery products exports in 2020-21 were 482.19 million US dollars. About 20 million people in the country, which is more than 12 percent of the total population, are directly or indirectly involved in various activities of the aquaculture fisheries sector.

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A sea of possibilities

Understanding the potential of Bangladesh as a leading player in the global seafood market.

A platform creation to connect importers, exporters, producers, processors, processing machinery manufacturers, technology and service providers, and other industry stakeholders for the sustainable growth of Bangladesh’s seafood industry.

Business dialogue to develop partnerships and collaboration to mobilize international collaboration for better trade and investment in aquaculture and seafood business in Bangladesh.

Expand and tap new market opportunities for Bangladesh seafood products.

Knowledge and technology sharing for business innovations in developing Bangladesh’s seafood basket.





The Bangladesh International Aquaculture and Seafood Show 2024 is scheduled to be held at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC), Dhaka, Bangladesh from 27 to 29 February 2024.


The Bangladesh International Aquaculture & Seafood Show presents an immense opportunity to explore new horizons and introduce a multitude of technologies and products to the global market. It serves as a dynamic platform for showcasing innovations and engaging with a diverse range of industry stakeholders. Embrace the potential to expand your reach and make a lasting impact on the international stage at this remarkable event.


Bangladesh's seafood industry has established itself as a prominent supplier of high-quality seafood to major global markets. With a significant number of seafood processing units that leverage cutting-edge technology, Bangladesh stands out as an attractive market for machinery manufacturers, suppliers, and certification bodies.


Sheikh Yusuf Harun

Executive Chairman, Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority

Dr. F.H. Ansari

Managing Director, ACI Agro Link Ltd

George Chamberlain

President, Global Seafood Alliance

Heiko Lenk

Managing Director, Lenk Frozen Foods Ltd.

Enam Chowdhury

Managing Director, Deep Sea Fisheries Ltd.

Event Highlights

Speech of Honorable Minister Mr. S M Rezaul Karim, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock

Inception Workshop & Press Meet I Dr Nahid Rashid I Ministry of Fisheries & Livestock

Inception Workshop & Press Meet I Mr Shyamal Das I BFFEA

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