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About the Show


The Bangladesh International Aquaculture & Seafood Show 2024 (BIASS) is set to make waves in the seafood industry. This first-of-its-kind event promises to be a truly unique experience for seafood enthusiasts, industry professionals, and anyone interested in learning about the latest trends, products, and technologies in the seafood industry. The Bangladesh International Aquaculture & Seafood Show 2024 will provide a platform for seafood producers, exporters, and importers from various countries to network and showcase their products.

Recognizing the immense potential of the Bangladesh seafood industry, the government has embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its management and economic performance. Backed by the visionary leadership and strategic investments of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock and the Ministry of Commerce, the government is spearheading initiatives to revitalize the industry.

Solidaridad, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, is actively supporting the growth of Bangladesh’s seafood industry. Together with esteemed partners such as the Department of Fisheries, the Ministry of Commerce, the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), and the Bangladesh Frozen Foods Exporters Association, Solidaridad proudly presents the Bangladesh International Aquaculture and Seafood Show 2024.

This grand event aims to promote sustainable growth, foster innovation, and encourage international collaboration in Bangladesh’s aquaculture and seafood sectors. By showcasing the country’s potential as a leading player in the global seafood market, BIASS is sure to attract a diverse array of stakeholders. Foreign buyers, representatives from international seafood processors, exporters, and discerning investors will come together, elevating Bangladesh’s pride and positioning in the global seafood arena.


The Bangladesh International Aquaculture and Seafood Show 2024 is scheduled to be held at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC), Dhaka, Bangladesh from 27 to 29 February 2024.


The Bangladesh International Aquaculture & Seafood Show presents an immense opportunity to explore new horizons and introduce a multitude of technologies and products to the global market. It serves as a dynamic platform for showcasing innovations and engaging with a diverse range of industry stakeholders. Embrace the potential to expand your reach and make a lasting impact on the international stage at this remarkable event.


Bangladesh’s seafood industry has established itself as a prominent supplier of high-quality seafood to major global markets. With a significant number of seafood processing units that leverage cutting-edge technology, Bangladesh stands out as an attractive market for machinery manufacturers, suppliers, and certification bodies.